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SpacerWe'll keep this page updated with the latest contests, and showcase the ones that have already been done.

Current Contests - Updated 06.05.07

Other sites' contests

Previous Monthly Giveaways
Once you join our spam-free e-mail list, you're entered in every monthly giveaway that follows. Here's just a few of the things we've given away.

Congratulations to BumbleBeeZ3

Toy Fair Swag
Congratulations to Overtkill

12 Days of Christmas
Congrats to all of our winners

November Skeletor Giveaway
Congrats Darthdrewbaby

September Gooey Louie Giveaway
unclaimed, back in the pot

August Castle Grayskull Giveaway
Congrats PimpDaddyShaggy

July T2 Giveaway
Congratulations Cardinal

June Kaiju Giveaway
Congratulations DopeLobster

May Animatrix
Congratulations SuperRoboE

Big Contests

  • Big Congratulations to DMarsee for winning the Runeslayer/Firedrake Wave 4 Xevoz two-pack. Check out his entry here.

  • Congrats to BradyKid for winning the Brady Bunch season 1

  • Congratulations to TrustySam for winning Charmed Season 1

  • Congratulations to Valeen for winning Monk Season 2

  • Congrats to Tuxedo for taking home FarScape Series Finale
  • Congratulations to L C for winning Open Water

  • Congrats to Venom75 for winning Las Vegas Season 1 on DVD

  • Congratulations FATE for taking home the Beast of Aaargh in the Word Association chain in our message board.

  • Congratulations to Sock Monkey for winning the Save the Xevoz Custom Contest

  • Congratulats to 12win on winning the Along Came Polly DVD.

  • Congrats to Chickadee for winning the Survivor Season One DVD box set.

  • Two Halloween Contests! Show us your pumpkin or this year's Halloween costume. We'll pick two winners to receive a DVD Horror 5-Pack! Details and place to post your pics is here.
    Congrats to Garee for his pumpkin and jimpokomon for his costume!

  • See how many of the scary toys from the Toys home page you can name, check out our new contest for clues and rules.
    Congrats to Tserof.

  • DVDWe're giving away two Kaiju Big Battel DVDs. Get your thinking pants on and submit your ideas to the official thread. Here are the rules and such. Congrats to Jett Jagwar and Foaming with Rage

  • Mini-Mates!We have a lot of Marvel Mini-Mates (review) to give away. Grab your camera and check out our new Mini-Mates Contest (rules).
    Congrats to Ivan

  • We recently held our LOTR Custom Armies of Middle Earth contest. Click here to see all the entries, including those by the voted upon winner EchoBaseRecords

  • We awarded one Care Bear Castle, which could very well help you get the approval from your girlfriend/wife to display the slime pit in the living room.
    Congratulations Rich and Jennifer

E-Mail Trivia Drawings
We often have separate contests running where you have to e-mail in the answer to a question to pick up a sweet prize.

  • Congratulations to Andy Man for taking home Man Show: Season II on DVD.

  • Congratulations to Murgod for winning the Rundown DVD starring the Rock.

  • No stink on Kimota42 for taking home a can of VaPOOrizer like the ones seen in the Jack Black/Ben Stiller movie Envy

  • Congrats are in order for Boydstep for winning the Anniversary edition of Monty Python and Holy Grail on DVD>
  • We're giving away Tremors on DVD (and an autographed picture), pop by the review for Tremors 4, and see how to enter to win.
    Congrats to Pranksster

  • You can win two tickets to the Mid-Ohio-Comic-Con being held November 29-30th in Columbus Ohio.

    Congrats to Russel

  • We love the new slasher-comedy Cabin Fever by giving away a sweet horror DVD 3 pack. (includes horror cult classics Frailty, Dead Alive and Dagon)
    The director of Dead Alive is most famously known for directing what? - official site with trailers and clips.
    Congratulations Hurricane Hordak

  • Enter to win a copy of Sunday Driver's latest release A Letter to Bryson City. Simply e-mail us with "Sunday Driver" in the subject line. Read our interview here.
    Congratulations Toniel

  • Jeepers Creepers 2 giveaway. You can win a DVD of Jeepers Creepers (1) and a Jeepers Creepers 2 poster.
    Congrats to Mr. Loucifer

    Ooh Preview time! Watch the first 8 minutes of Jeepers Creepers II here!

  • Anna Kournikova DVD, answer a question to win the DVD showing the making of her calendar.
    Congratulations Droid

  • Smashing Hulk Coverage, contest to win a 13" roto Hulk
    Congratulations Heli

  • Super Contest Explosion
    28 Days Later swag (congrats doughty), a bundle of games (congrats Scott), or Batman #612 (congrats Ian) autographed by Jim Lee

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