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You have the power, in yourself. Lando builds the new MEGABLOKS iCoaster
You have the power, in yourself. Mr. Stinkhead looks at the SDCC 08 Exclusive King Grayskull, with light up packaging Castle.
A Bunch of Drunks. Our Kapow BBQ is this weekend. Want to come?
Thankfully Stinkhead knows when to turn the camera off. Mr. Stinkhead straps his infant son to his chest and takes him on his first big toy run. He was also wearing the ATC3K Helmet Cam at the time. See what its like to be Stinkhead for seven minutes.
sometimes your words just hypnotize me Mr. Stinkhead tries to look cooler with the TRU Exclusive Cheerleader from NBC's Heroes, and the NYCC Notorious BIG.
its better than diggin' a ditch Mr. Stinkhead looks at the new playmobil automotive sets, the RC Pick-up, the Car Wash, and the custom autobody shop. Video demo with baby torment included!
bork bork bork Jager doesn't get even, he gets Mad*L phase 3
roger roger Jager shrinks down to check out the Star Wars Kubricks (from Phantom Menace) and some Super Deformed Minis
Hey Mr. DJ Jager gets down and boogies with Erick Scarecrow's Dizign
LEGO Deathstar Lando is drooling over the new LEGO Deathstar set.
I'm feeling Kung Foolish Mr. Stinkhead reviews a host of Kung Fu Panda toys, with video.
When this baby hits .088 mph, you're going to see some serious shit Mr. Stinkhead's puts the Flux Capacitor on his son's stroller for this video demo. When this baby goes .088 mph, you're going to see--
Go go go go go go go Mr. Stinkhead's latest video podcast shows you the super sweet Motorized Hot Wheels Track and other toys from Speed Racer
hellloo ladies Jager takes you on an abridged tour of the New York Comic Con with his video podcast
na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN Mr. Stinkhead scores the Movie Masters Batman and the 1966 George Barris Batmobile (1:18 scale!). Sweet!
someone stole my copy Lando loves the new Grand Theft Auto 4 video game and now you can win a copy!!!!
ooh oooh ooh ooh Mr. Stinkhead grogs Gorilla Grodd and the Second Series of DC Universe figures from Mattel.
shiny! Skip Protection gives you the rundown on the big comic labels DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, and Virgin news from New York Comic Con.
tobor is ROBOT spelled backwards! Jager looks at the NYCC08 Exclusive Tobor. Complete with brain bubble!
triceraton? Mr. Stinkhead continues his Playmobil Dinosaur coverage with the Triceratops and Brachiosaurus reviews.
cowabunga? Mr. Stinkhead has found what could be the most perfect execution of an action figure ever. NYCC exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from NECA.
OM nom nom nom Mr. Stinkhead runs from the awesome second wave of playmobil Dinosaurs!
Part 1: 4X4, Amphibious vehicle, Pteranadon, T-Rex, Spinosaurus
Arkski jager checks out STRANGEco's newest Minitreehouse figure, Arkski the super mom and the NYCC exclusive Night Edition colorway!
The Force is strong with... this lamp Jager lights up his room with a Light Saber lamp
Toy Fair 2008 Toy Fair Podcast III: All kinds of toys.
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw Mr. Stinkhead ia a good ole boy, test driving the 1:18 scale Remote Control General Lee that can be found at Wal*Mart for $11. Video includes footage from Dukesfest where they roll a police car! Yeeeee-haw!
s'more lenore Jager gets a little creepy with Dark Horse's Lenore PVC and vinyl toys.
No time for love doctor Jones! Lando gets an exclusive look at the new LEGO Indiana Jones Jungle Duel set from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!
In love with Firewoman Jager explores the spooky legend of David Horvath's Mothman
Now I want a warthog Lando continues to battle in the Clone Wars with the new LEGO Hailfire and Spider Droid
ROCKIN Mr. Stinkhead blasts his way through anything with the Halo 3 laser tag game.
ROCKIN Lando plays the new, TV / Movie Scene-it? Travel Editions
ROCKIN Jager reviews the all new Kaiju Big Battel DVD, Some More Fighto
ROCKIN Mr. Stinkhead has a sweet video review of Rokenbok construction/ RC playsets on our sister site
Boba Fett? Where? Lando beams aboard to explore the new Star Trek DS9 Series 1.
Boba Fett? Where? Jager can store a Fett load of info on the USB drive Mimobot Boba Fett
OM Nom nom nom nom Jager finds a cornucopia of artists represented in the Vivisect Playset minifigs
Oooh ooh speed Lando gets a sneak peek at the new The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian figures
Toy Fair 2008 Toy Fair Podcast II: Action Figure Spotlight.
Oooh ooh speed Lando checks out the new Family Guy and Smallville Inkworks Cards.
Oooh ooh speed Jager races to show you the UnklBrand Speed Demons.
Toy Fair 2008 Toy Fair Podcast I: Lando's Highlights.
I scream Jager gets to the heart of the matter with Super7's Visighost.
You scream Ding a ling ling, ICE CREAM! Mr. Stinkhead customizes his own playmobil Ice Cream Truck with instructions and downloadable decals to make your own.
Trains, Trains, Trains Lando checks out the Greenberg Train Show for our 17th Podcast!
stay off my lawn! Jager interviews Scott Tolleson about his upcoming sexy resin statue, Tricycle Terror.
arrrrrrr Mr. Stinkhead unpacks three new Playmobil Carrying Cases from Target.
IWG Jager checks out the exclusive Rocketworld’s Adam the Baby Robo Rhino
Minimates Miniweek
the tongue makes him popular with the ladies Mr. Stinkhead faces the darkness within the Spider-Man III Minimates.
hey adriennnnne! Mr. Stinkhead is hit twice with the 24 AND Rocky II minimates. Momma said knock you out.
square boobs Mr. Stinkhead flies high with the Battlestar Galactica Minimates. Bonus review of Caprica Six action figure.
you're the doc, doc What was the most pivotal school dance in history? The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance from Back to the Future. Check out these new exclusive Minimates from that landmark social gathering.
Minimates Miniweek
it burns, it burns! Jager feels the glow from the post-nuclear, Gary Panter Jimbo
Click now for your chance to win a Jimbo!
awwwwwwwwwww Jager doesn't know whether to cuddle or run from the new I.W.G. Babies
Click now for your chance to win a bloody Nanook!
KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN Mr. Stinkhead covers his ears as to not be infected by these new Wrath of Khan figures from Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys. Kirk, Khan and Capt. Terrell
GAHHHH Mr. Stinkhead busts out three new busts from Diamond Select Toys. Beowulf, Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds and Civil War Wolverine
LEGO Indiana Jones Lando starts the New Year with the new Indiana Jones LEGO set The Temple Escape
so I have this idea... Mr. Stinkhead chats with movie producer Rick Schwartz about the writer's strike, his upcoming projects, and whether you should go Blu-Ray or HD-DVD.
its a little toasty in here Jager gets cozy with Hells Proprietor
get away from her you bitch Mr. Stinkhead thinks that the 1/12 scale die-cast metal Power Loader is the Toy of the Year
my other favorite V word Lando Da Pimp wraps up Part II of Christmas with the Pimps with the Lionel Hogwarts & Polar Express
my other favorite V word Jager zips around town with the new Vespa outfitted IWG Mod Squad
braiiiinnnssss.... Mr. Stinkhead heads for the mall and hides out from the Marvel Zombie Hulk and Spider-Man
Hallmark Ornaments Lando Da Pimp shows us the new Hallmark Ornaments in Part 1 of Christmas with the Pimps
kill kill kill Jager runs and hides from the awesome Deathbot from Gama Go. GO NOW
whip em out wednesday? Jager PWN5 you with DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft figures
LEGO Snow Trooper Lando braves the cold winds of Hoth to review the new LEGO Hoth Base
Booooooooooooooooooooooooo Part one of our Kaiju power shot! Tuxxer loses his mind at the Kaiju More Better Fighto at the Warsaw.
Ooooooh Part two of our Kaiju power shot: Jager gets his nose bloody watching the battle royale Secret Base blind packs.
What's the buzz, tell me what's happening. Mr. Stinkhead gives you the buzz on the Bee Movie McDonalds toys.
That's heavy Mr. Stinkhead flips out with the Back to the Future Minimates, and tells you which scale model DeLorean looks best with them.
Gonads and strife You can win Rockstar's Manhunt & Table Tennis for Nintendo wii & help Lando do his job at the same time!
Sideshow Chucky Check out the Sideshow 14" Chucky figure as Lando's new Halloween decoration!
oh Fatty McGee... you're the fattest Jager cracks open the crusty exterior of Sideshow Toys' Russian stacking doll-esque
a bulletproof vest...brilliant Lando interviews Diamond Select Toys' Michael Leavy and gives us an exclusive peek at the Fistful of Dollars minimates
eater of worlds... and your butt Mr. Stinkhead reviews both the Transformers DVD (yes, the new one) and the Unicron Statue
LEGO Batcopter. Lando wages an air battle between the LEGO Batman and Scarecrow.
I brain'd her. Jager gets devilish with STRANGEco's Luey.
I brain'd her. Jager feels smarter playing the all new Cranium WOW.
I'm thinking of a number.... Mr. Stinkhead beats his chest over the Gorilla Grodd exclusuive JLU six pack.
Wesley! Lando is ready to deploy the Battle Droids with the new LEGO Trade Federation MTT.
Wesley! Lando gets familiar with a handful of Star Trek TNG Crusher action figures. the sky... with... Diamonds! Seek out these Star Trek TOS Minimates, then download and assemble this free Transporter display base to put them on.
Indeed, I would like to eat your brains Mr. Stinkhead wrestles the darkness within, looking at this Spider-Man 3 Transformation Venom Bust, and checks out Zombie Dare Devil and Giant Man Minimates from SDCC
watch it... you'll ask WTF Video Podcast: 14 Mr. Stinkhead demos the remote control Tri-Clops. It transforms and shoots. G'MORNIN'!
M-I-C Jager has a conducts the "Battle of the Cartoon Kubricks" from Medicom.
KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN Mr. Stinkhead seeks out new life... aka Diamond Select Toys' Wrath of Khan exclusives from SDCC.
Can you take me tooooooo Mr. Stinkhead gets his funk on and checks out the USB game, the collectible U.B. Funkeys
angry eyes! Podcast Episode 13: Mr. Stinkhead looks at the Playmobil Romans.
I tell ya, that thing is huuuge Lando da Pimp has the plans to assemble the LEGO Jedi Starfighter.
I tell ya, that thing is huuuge Stinkhead looks at the Legendardy Comic Book Heroes PITT series, including Savage Dragon, Ripclaw, Madman, Witchblade, Judge Dredd, Super Patriot (and variants)
pick one of the bags Podcast Episode 12: Lando visits the Steel City Con a.k.a the Pittsburgh Toy Show
King of the Castle Lando looks into the new LEGO Theme Castle. First up the King's Castle Siege
pick one of the bags ka-POW-bq Video Podcast
Part 3 - Gameshow, check out our main event!
I see these all the time Oooh! It's I.W.G.'s ultralimited Nehanda from Rocketworld and
LEGO Maniacs ka-POW-bq Video Podcast
Part 2 - LEGO Building Competition
do you see any pink elephants? Jager ducks for cover with two new I.W.G. creatures added, Burnum and Candace.
not again Lindsay Lohan was arrested again, and we have the pictures!
ooga booga ka-POW-bq Video Podcast
Part 1 - Introduction and Shocking Tanks! Check out video from the infamous MPb party!
prizes for EVERYONE! YAY Here it is, the 5th annual ka-POW-bq party. Check out the write-up and loads of pics!
EVERYONE Lando catches NECA's Harry Potter figures from Order of the Phoenix.
They call me mellow orange... that's right Jager lumbers around with a variety of Christopher Lee's Mellow.
Houston, we have a problem And the winner of the Harry Potter LEGO Custom Contest is: Click to Find Out
Houston, we have a problem Lando lands on Mars with the new LEGO Mission to Mars set
get yourself a jobby-jobs Is there anything better than the Apple iPhone? 70 years of pop culture history says no.
a pirate's dream? Yo ho! Guess who washes up on the sandy shores of Jager's abode! It's Sailor Babo!
cobra commander? Who are these strange Cosmo-Knots from UNKL Brand? Jager attempts to discover why they're here.
can I get a ride? What does Hasbro have in store for the Transformers fan with an affinity for cute? Check out the pint-sized Robot Heroes and Optimash Prime Potato Head
mine Does Jager gets his way when looking at Bossy Bear? New from David Horvath, the creator of Ugly Dolls.
watch mahna mahna Podcast Episode 8: Mr. Stinkhead interviews Vince DiFiore from the band CAKE, and animated the whole thing with playmobil. Includes CAKE's covers of Mahna Mahna and War Pigs
Pip pip Lando da Pimp gets the answers from Sideshow Toys' Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
He excells at that sir Jager is transporting secret plans on the USB flash drive Mimobot decorated like R2-D2.
You can even win one now!
If I had a hammer Mr. Stinkhead takes a long studied look at the Green Goblin and Thor Marvel Icons busts.
yo ho! Jager gets down to it with Decode Entertainment's Dudson's Modern Tales.
not my gumdrop nipples! Mr. Stinkhead checks out the new Shrek the Third Happy Meal from McDonalds. Contains a spoiler. but you'll have warning
chit-chew-chew-chit-chew Podcast Episode 7: Mr. Stinkhead transforms the Optimus Prime. Includes time-lapse of transformation.
nice pineapple Jager does his duty and pulls the pin on the new Monger Force Sarge.
Roll out Mr. Stinkhead plays with the new Movie Optimus Prime.
Review added
Bears...Beets... Battlestar Galactica Lando puts the Battlestar Galactica on display.
Hermoine still has clothes on Episode 6: of our Podcast has Lando checking out the new Hogwarts Castle from LEGO
I'd like to Veronica her Mars C'mon now sugar... check out these Veronica Mars trading cards.
Cow-ntess! Jager milks these cow jokes for all their worth in his review of STRANGEco's Moofia line.
Are you excited? Lando photographs the new Playdoll of the Month Hilary Duff
Are you excited? Take our survey and be entered to win some sweet LEGO, Star Wars, and Minimate prizes
We will not spam you or save your personal info
Just your friendly neighborhood Megablok Lando sticks together the new Spider-Man III MegaBloks sets.
bumble's bounce! Jager shows how the new I.W.G. fight in all of earth's climates
Here comes the meat wagon WEE OOOH WEE OOOHEpisode 5 Podcast. Lando da Pimp shows us the new LEGO Firehouse. Sweet build time-lapse
good for others' fartsJager dives in with the new HazMaPo B1.2 from UNKL Brand
this... is... SCARYJager has a chance for you to win a doodled-on Veil: Specimen #129 from Jermaine Rogers!
this... is... PLAYMOBILMr. Stinkhead ships his haul with the Roman Boat and Microsets from playmobil.
pocket rocketGet ready to launch the IWG Rocket from RocketWorld and STRANGEco.
maybe the next movie??Here is a handy rundown of all the new Harry Potter toys from Toy Fair 2007.
New York Comic ConOur man Tuxxer is on the scene at the New York Comic Con 2007. Lots of Cosplay, and the Goonies prototypes!
TOY FAIR oh yeahWe have posted our 2007 Toy Fair coverage, complete with our pics, company write-ups and loads of pictures. Indulge!
I can't hear the sound of the engine over all your yappinJager's hairs stand up on end in the face of the fierce Yira.
TOY FAIR YAY!Episode 4 Podcast. Live from the 2007 Toy Fair, it's like actually being there. For four minutes.
makin wavesEpisode 3 Podcast. Demonstrations of some RC toys from Mattel, including the Terrain Twister, the Air Blade and a sneak peak at the 2007 Toy Fair
watch out for doozers Jager gets back to his "roots" with the beet lovin' Cleabus from Christopher Lee and Wheaty Wheat.
you spin me right round baby right round Lando takes the remote control XPV out for a spin
Small, yet effective Mr. Stinkhead keeps on truckin' with the Optimus Hybrid (convoy). It's small yet has a transforming trailer and is ultra articulated.
Drop in!Jager is ready to lick the very limited APT 06 MAD*L that glows in the dark!
Super smooooothMPb Video Podcast Episode 2. Mr. Stinkhead shows off his favorite Batman collectables.
This Batman looks real... DC Direct's Deluxe Collector's Batman stands at 13" tall, and is one of the best Batman figures to date. (I mean ever)
Can't bare any more bear driving car jokes Can you barely stand the cold? Then get your paws on the Creature Hoodie from Rocketworld!
Goodmornin! Tell your sister... you were right. The seventh series of Star Wars Kubricks (Return of the Jedi) are sweet.
You came in that thing? LEGO week continues with Day 4. Today Lando checks out the Imperial Landing Craft
Like adding water to a gremlin Day 3 of Star Wars Lego week looks at the Troop Expansion Packs
Chicken fight! LEGO week continues with Day Two: AT-ST
Y oh Y did you start with this one? Lando takes a look at all the new LEGO Star Wars Sets. Day One: Y-Wing
I coulda been a JPGLando slugs you in the face with his review of Jakks Pacific's Rocky action figures.
Wolfgang hates thisMr. Stinkhead hosts his first Video podcast. Watch as we play with Mattel's NSECT and the USB Self Destruct device.
what are you tickling?It's like Christmas for Mr. Stinkhead at the Orlando Playmobil Fun Park .
wind in the willows?Jager lifts up the skirt on Mr. Bumper to see what the great mystery is.
weeeeeeeeeeBah Humbug to your Wii and PS3, Lando test drives the Gamewave game system
Retarded penguinLando pimps out his Christmas tree with sweet pop culture ornaments!
Momma had a baby and the head popped offMimoco and MPb team up to give away three 512 Mb Mimobots!
You didn't tell me there were any androids on this missionMr. Stinkhead kitbashes his own USB Flash drive out of a playmobil astronaut. Here's how.
E-n-e-m-y... I knowJager gets to the point with the Envirob/Enemy from Medicom Toy
hazmat? Lando pulls up the pants on the the new 12" Sideshow Cordelia Chase figure and reviews the Angel figure
Frankenmonkey Jager examines the glowing Brain of the Atomic Monkey’s Franken Monkey
Show us your teats wooo hoooo!Jager takes STRANGEco's Mozzarella by Tokidoki to school.
hazmat? Jager can handle the downright dangerous with UNKL Brand's Junpo
totally awesome Mr. Stinkhead watches his valuables when playing with the GTA: Vice City Kubricks
avatar Lando explores new territory with LEGO Avatar: The Air Bender.
Captain AmericaJager finds the super deformed Playset Marvel 3.
it is the kicking penguinJager goes to town and gets happy with Friends With You's Malfi.
we did what?!MillionairePlayboy reaches out to the community and adds a MySpace page... become our online friend and you could win a copy of Mission Impossible III on DVD! Details
Stay shinyLando looks at the collectible Firefly trading cards
American Gladiators was sweet Mr. Stinkhead's super holy grail, the three foot wide Colosseum. Tons of pictures of gladiator carnage.
Pizza Pizza! Mr. Stinkhead looks at the all new playmobil Romans. Including the Tent, Catapult, 4-Horse Chariot, Emperor, and a few Specials.
Ever try molsekin? Mr. Stinkhead gets an ultra-rare vintage playmobil blister pack and checks out the Soccer and Baseball players.
When the man... comes around Mr. Stinkhead presents an original photostory featuring the playmobil executioner in Robin Hood Meets the Axe Man.
Let me take your picture in nature Mr. Stinkhead checks out the new Target Exclusive playmobil Photo Safari.

Bennzi come homeJager doesn't get all bent out of shape with STRANGEco's Bennzi.
You go StinkheadCome along and see what happened at this year's Ka-POW-bq!
I think I feel a little fuzzyJager is on the hunt with the all new IWG figures from Rocketworld, Sasquatch and Yeti!
Privy?Lando sets sail with the mighty Black Pearl from Megabloks.
Thinking outside of the box Jager seeks out new life and new civilizations with the SDCC Exclusive Invisible Plan mini figs.
Join me at CoSi Lando and Tate check out the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition.
'ello! Jager digs into the subterranean ZLIKS from Andrew Bell and Wheaty Wheat. You can also win a set!
ouch Lando goes to the darkside with Deluxe Angel and Spike
Where are you taking this....thing? Jager gets warm and fuzz with the new vinyl Treeson
I need ya buddy Mr. Stinkhead turbo boosts over the KITT 1:18 scale die cast collectible.
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw Lando da Good Ole Boy goes for a joyride in the General Lee 1:18 scale die cast collectible.
it's best to go topless Mr. Stinkhead shows you the hot little piece of asphault Smart Roadster 1:18 scale die cast collectible.
You made me get these *things* Mr. Stinkhead begins his collection of 1:18 cars with the Back to the Future III DeLorean and railroad track base.
Where are you taking this....thing? Jager examines the new 6th series of Star Wars Kubricks
Walk like a.... crap Mr. Stinkhead puts together the Stikfas Explorer, Egyptian and Army Multi-pack
Good luck with that Lando the Pimp attempts to take over the world with Plankton and his robotic LEGO Spongebob Squarepants
You're braver than I thought Stinkhead is silently stunned by the growth spurt that is 400% Kubrick Batman and Han Solo (as Stormtrooper)
K-pax? Stinkhead gets his grubby mits on Lex Luthor with missile launcher. And bonus score SDCC Exclusive Solomon Grundy.
banana smoker! Jager takes the Mongers to the supermarket
score! Lando takes the pole down to the LEGO Batcave
Slowskis? Jager comes out of his shell to test Jeremy Fish's Turtlecamper
Don't get Mad*l Jager gets inspired by the Mad*L Artist Series
Whooooo-weee! Stinkhead gets down and personal with the 5.5" assortment of Superman Returns action figures.
Am I looking at you naked or frying your soul? Stinkhead has his hands full with the larger format Superman Returns figures.
oh NO you di-int! Lando gets out of the way of Suckadelic's latest creation Mary Paper$.
Just a little higher, a little higher! Lando dies, honorably, while checking out Jabba's Sail Barge LEGO set.
That makes my nipples tickle Mr. Stinkhead checks out the sweet super-sculpted Superman Returns S3 figures.
CHARGE! Mr. Stinkhead examines the classic Schaper Playmobil Cavalry box set.
up in the air, its Junior Bird Man Mr. Stinkhead launches the remote control flying Superman glider from Superman Returns. With video goodness!
so...many....boxes Mr. Stinkhead has something just short of a heart attack as he finds one of the east coast's largest playmobil collections for sale at a local shop. All vintage, mostly mint.
kneval! Jager scrunches up his face and looks at SKET 1's Ci Boys
come on down! Mr. Stinkhead's opus, the custom playmobil gameshow playset that turns into a news desk or late night talk show is finally done. Come on down!
be'joy' Lando da Pimp sends an away team to survey the latest Star Trek figures from Art Asylum and Diamond Select.

Superperson Week!
I'm turning JapaneseJager takes a look at the oldie but goody Batman Kubrick box set.
Dr. DoomJager peeks inside the Box in a Box Marvel collectibles from Japan.
sea...c for catwomanMr. Stinkhead builds the Batmobile dragster/Catwoman Pursuit LEGO set.

lego week
He's no good to me dead Lando gets attached to the newly updated LEGO Slave 1 ship, complete with Boba Fett, Cloud City Guard, Dengar and IG-88 minifigures!
like you need directions Lando interviews master LEGO builder Allan Bedford, author of The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide.
kittens singing Immigrant song is funny Mr. Stinkhead builds the Stikfas Viking, dinosaurs, and dune buggy.

City Crushing Monsters Week!
TM Midway
Nobody steps on a church in my town! Mr. Stinkhead lets out some pent up rage with the Godzilla Crumple Zone playset.
I give you KONG Mr. Stinkhead reviews the 2 disc collector's edition King Kong.
bring the royal jelly Jager catches up with Kaiju Big Battel's Uchu Chu.
I was swimmming! It was cold! Mr. Stinkhead plays with the Microman Godzilla costume (vs. King Ghidrah) figures from Takara. With city buildings you can print and assemble for your display. brings on, many changes. And I can take or leave it I please. Jager feels the pain with the 8" Doma Dunny.
oh I'm just having another heart attack Googler ducks and covers when hunting with the angry Dick Cheney (with shotgun) action figure.
Bruce Wayne... why are you dressed up like Batman? Lando builds the Batmobile with the first of the LEGO Batman sets.
We came, we saw Come read our completed Toy Fair coverage, now available!
And Win a Bag of Swag!
I'm not chocolate Jager interviews Ugly Doll creators David Horvath and Sun Min Kim.
I'm sold out? That bites! You can enter to win one of two 12" Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures from Sideshow Collectables. Drusilla or Vampire Spike!
You can't do that with Playmobil Mr. Stinkhead sees if anyone is watching and reviews the vintage playmobil television studio playset.
does your face hurt? Cuz it's killing me Keith Brammer sends us his photos from the Save Huck custom Munny exhibition at MODA3.
I have freckles *everywhere* Lando catches up with good time party girl Lindsay Lohan for a very special Playdoll of the Month.
Recommended for mature audiences
sgt poopy pants? Mr. Stinkhead goes insane switching brains with Uncle Milton's talking, squishy, robot bug madess, the collectible P-Brains.
talk about oppression Mr. Stinkhead puts Saddam Hussein (in crimes-against-humanity trial attire) through the ringer.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Mr. Stinkhead customizes a Munny for the Save Huck Custom Munny Exhibit and auction.
ith thith really nethethary? Jager mixes and matches and takes in the Neth Creatures.
any snakes on board? Lando takes off with the new Passenger Plane from LEGO.
I'm old! Mr. Stinkhead gets a vintage Schaper Knight set, all the way from 1976.
what's with all the 3 eyed creatures right here? Jager tries not to go cross eyed checking out Ron English's Rabbbit
sandbags??! Stinkhead, Lando and Jager share their picks and pans from the ever-so glorious 2005
I see you! Jager has just one opinion about the Two-Faced Dunnys by David Horvath
vote now! Come see the entries and vote for the People's Choice winner for the Masterpiece Custom contest!
yay! Presents! Instead of buying for others, let's check out the loot we will be looking for when we Return the Crap we Got for Christmas Gift Guide!
blar blar blar blar blar blar! Jager slinks away from the shadow of the mighty TENTIKILL from Go Hero.
exo-force GO Lando presses secret remote control button to activate LEGO ExoForce mechs you can build! How can this be?
boppin' em on the head Jager sees the 2-D eerily come alive with Wheaty Wheat's Mr. Bunny designer vinyl
Decorate me, and we shall... Lando decorates his tree with some ornaments that don't suck. Check out Hallmark's Pop Culture Ornaments
Input! Jager stores all of his digital goodies in a designer toy! Check out the USB enabled Protobot0 from Mimoco.
Like, Oh my God! Jager learns a thing or two about fashion from Vice Magazine's Do's and Don'ts designer vinyls.
I'm Spartacus! Mr. Stinkhead builds the Gladiator and Biker from Stikfas. This review smells great!
celebs! Guest reporter Iron-Cow hits up the custom Munny Show in NYC. Celebs, cool figures, and loads of pics!
dog star Lando prepares for the great Howard Stern migration and checks out Sirius Satellite Radio!
now in pocket size! Jager shrinks his love for Rocketworld's Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo with the new IWG Minis!
Noog backwards Jager tries to run, but cannot hide from Mezco's Goon figures.
check out my 2005 Pirates movie Mr. Stinkhead scopes the Stikfas Astronaut, Spectre, and Pirate & Skeleton.
MISSSSter Anderson Lando checks out some sweet Lord of the Rings collectibles.
no greater pleasure on earth than central air Lando scouts out locations used to film Dogma.
I don't look like Stitch Jager tries to contain the Behemoth's Alien Hominid figures.
*grunt* The comic-inspired Hellboy figures from Mezco are amazing. Jager looks at 2 Hellboys, Lobster Johnson and Liz Sherman.
Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow. Mr. Stinkhead and Strange Love get into a fight with the Shocking Laser Tag guns. Check out the video clip too!
I need some chap stick. For my head Jager miniaturizes the Star Wars universe in style! with the Kubricks and Ci Boys Star Wash figures.
I am superior Mr. Stinkhead 's grail, the Transformers' G1 Reissue of Soundwave. Lots of totally sweet pics. **SoundBlaster variant
Watch your language in front of the lady PUNK! Jager and Stinky hit the big Apple to check out the 100 (Circus) Punks Rule NYC show.
I know how to spell Lincoln! Lando ponders the age-old question, what to do with an Abraham Lincoln action figure.
For those about to rock, we smoooosh you Jager thrashes about with the new city-crushing soundtrack Kaijuice.
I seeeeee you... duh Jager marks his observations of the new vinyl beauty from Mars-1 and STRANGEco, The Observer.
How can you see me? I'm invisible Jager looks at the latest from Mars-1 and STRANGEco's Invisible Plan minifigs.
Geez! I AM one ugly mother... Mr. Stinkhead has more fun with the Alien vs Predator Microman figures than watching the movie.
I secretly want Her Heiny Lando discusses the latest LEGO Harry Potter sets on the most recent MuggleCast, from Mugglenet.
I need a bowler hat to be complete Jager chats with Glen Liberman, aka Android 8, about vinyl toys, family and the future.
he who must not be named, but can be made a LEGO man Lando gets closer to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with LEGO's Graveyard Duel, Merpeople, and Horntail sets.
two in the pink... Mr. Stinkhead has more fun than you can shake a limb at, try out these RC Shocking Tanks.
am I pirate? Arrrrrr you? Lando gets the jump on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with LEGO's Durmstrang Ship.
yo cueball... whoops Mr. Stinkhead cracks some tiny, tubular skulls when looking at the new Grand Theft Auto III Kubricks. These puppies are sweeeet!
stick it where? Jager explores Android 8 and Unkl Brand's Octopo... what a sweet robot!
gimme a pair a' squares Mr. Stinkhead visits Las Vegas and gives you some pointers, and has a free miniature Craps Table you can print and assemble for your action figures.
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lando builds the gigantic ghost pirate ship, MegaBloks' Dread Eye's Phantom.
hand me down, the shark repellant bat-spray! Check out the 3rd Annual Ka-POW-bq, lots of prizes, pics, and chicks.
this stuff freaks me out Jager cuddles up with Scott Musgrove's Booted Glamour Cat.
this stuff freaks me out Jager chats with the man behind the Glamour Cat, artist Scott Musgrove.
I spotted you looking at me Jager gets wraps up Rocket World's I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo with Astrid, Desmond and Irra.
do you think I'm sexy? Mr. Stinkhead gets sand in his shorts with Series 10 Minimates.
need some ketchup with my copter Lando builds a helicopter, and a dinosaur, and they fight each other! It's LEGO's Dino Attack T-1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex.
help me dr. zaius Mr. Stinkhead can't get his damn hands off the damn dirty Planet of the Apes' Taylor and Dr. Zaius from Sideshow Toys.
She was like a pirate's dream... Mr. Stinkhead goes down deep and finds the Stikfas Diver and Octopus.
Ninjas are totally sweet Mr. Stinkhead totally flips out and sprays NINJAS on his unsuspecting coworkers.
This symbol is on my chest, henceforth I shall fight for the Autobots Mr. Stinkhead is actually kind of ticked with the Transformer Alternators Grimlock and Ravage.
Oooon tindi! Lando scavenges for days... builds the new, exclusive LEGO Sandcrawler complete with rogue droids and nasty Jawas.
fire... BADStinkhead experiences the end of another era and gets the remaining Xevoz from Wave 4.
We built this castle on rock and roll Lando builds Vladek's Dark Fortress from the Knight's Kingdom line. Look alive, fire from above!
dun dun duhhhhhhhh Mr. Stinkhead hijacks the Hall of Justice to put together the Super Hero/Villain sets from Stikfas.
meooowrrrr Jager gets cuddly with Cosmic Quigly Check out his review and even win one!
I'm weird Arrrrr! Land-lubbin' Lando assembles Mega Bloks' new Pyrates sets.
no junk in the trunk Mr. Stinkhead massages his eyeballs with the Corgi Batmobile based on the current comics.
Cough cough hack hack Lando examines the Episode III books Visual Dictionary and Incredible Cross-Sections
Ay yi yi LUCHADORE Jager doesn't get angry, he's MAD*L Check out his review and even win a set!
He gave us this... Mr. Stinkhead finally gets his Batsignal and Attack Armor Batman figures. Super articulated and practically impossible to get ahold of. Also WIN SCARECROW
Can you dig it? Lando builds the LEGO Construction Set with crane, truck and grinder. Finds that sadly, LEGO men don't know how to grind.
I'm weird Jager checks out Pete Fowler's interchangeable Monsterisms.
that is one UGLY dog Jager chats with David Horvath and Sun Min Kim and looks at the new UglyDog plush.
ooh la la Mr. Stinkhead gets back from France: Land of Fine Wine and Hot Women, and even has some toy-hunting tips.
Contains some language and mild nudity
Exclusive to Germany Mr. Stinkhead scores the exclusive Playmobil BMW Z4, which you can only get by taking a test drive at a BMW Germany.
Chouette Check out Lulu Berlu, the vintage toy store full of mint-on-card toys from the 80s.
got something for me to tag? no? Jager explores the mystery that is kidrobot's kidbomber
it is I... Mr. Stinkhead finds the fuzzy, yet heroic SUPER GROVER
custom LEGO goodness Lando teams up with to find the best Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince custom LEGO playset.
Quite operational Lando interviews LEGO Designer Jens Kronvold Frederiksen.
Ohhhh yeah Update: Lando is back with a write up and more pics from Celebration III.
Yeah, well I have a lot of arms Lando puts together the latest LEGO Episode III play sets.
I'm creepy Jager gets freaked out with the new Jermaine Rogers' Dero Bears from StrangeCo and Wootini.
quit saying that! I know the Batmobile, and you sir, are no BatmobileWe look at two Batmobiles today in dueling reviews. Batman Begins vs the 1:18 Scale Batmobile, 11" of die-cast goodness.
you're old dude preciselyCheck out the new Batman Begins action figures, including Scarecrow. And takes a look back at Mego Batman
Turn around, wash your-- damn dude, I'm hugeMr. Stinkhead takes a look at two 12" Batman figures. Action Cape Batman, and the comic-styled KB exclusive.
I'm not wispy Mr. Stinkhead oohs and ahhs over the Microman Batman, Batgirl and Catwoman. Meooowr
This isn't about RHPS? Lando shares his, and those of our readers', experiences of the latest Midnight Madness for Episode III figures.
Where's those singing bunnies? MPb announces that they are the anonymous investors that purchased Toys R Us
LEGO is not as forgiving as I am Lando da Pimp, and many bothans died to bring you the LEGO Imperial Shuttle.
I smoked Peter Cottaintail's ass Jager celebrates Easter the way it should be done, with designer urban vinyl. Check out the Silly Pink Bunny Van from StrangeCo.
I find your lack of faith disturbing Check out Darth Tater and some other inspired Potato Heads from Lando and Stinkhead like Batman and Leather Face.
I'm a big ole jerk too Jager gets to the point with pyramid headed Mr. Oneman.
I'm a big ole jerk Jager delivers the Shocking Truth from Kaiju Big Battel!.
Don't forget to visit your OBI-GYN once a year Lando picks up three new Episode III figures, including Preggers Padme, Obi Wan, and General Grevious.
I'm Batman! Mr. Stinkhead scores with the vintage 1989 Movie Batmobile, complete with Batman!.
you can't shake martinis Lando gets sidetracked with a slew of new toys from SideShow Collectibles, Bond, and Hellboy.
free shirt design We turn two today. Come see our favorite articles, big happenings, and a free t-shirt (iron-on). Has it been two years?
TOY FAIR Come see all the coverage of Toy Fair, we've got words and pics to satiate even the thirstiest of collectors.
You otter check out this article Jager gets three more vinyl figures from Rocket World's I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo.
dear old mom Mr. Stinkhead isn't afraid to shock his own mom with the battery operated elecrocution game Lightning Reaction.
I've got a plus 9 against ogres Lando swings a sword in the interactive LOTR Warrior of Middle Earth plug & play TV game.
count your toesJager is giving away a pair Rabbit with Pointy Teeth slippers, for Valentine's Day
puffStinkhead has Runeslayer vs Firedrake, the Xevoz Wave 4 2-pack, and we're giving away a set!
this droid has a bad motivator Lando puts together the Star Fighter & Vulture Droid, and new Original Trilogy TIE Fighter with lights up Vader!
it's as cold as a witch's The Princess of Power reviews the first season of Charmed on DVD and shows us her Piper action figure.
POW Jager tries on the plush Tim the Enchanter's Hat from MP's Holy Grail.
ice ice babyMr. Stinkhead gets the Skeleton Excavation Site and Baby Dino Egg playsets. (with printable backdrop)
wook-e / e-wok??Lando snags the Star Wars Episode III preview figures.
c'mere kitty kitty Mr. Stinkhead and the Princess of Power review Alien vs Predator and the plush Face hugger and chest burster
does your face hurt? Cuz it's killing me...Mr. Stinkhead finally looks at the con exclusive Keldor.
DOOMED Lando gets a sneak preview LEGO Anakin Skywalker that lights up!
Make it So! Lando puts together the Mega Bloks ProBuilder Steam Engine and Star Trek Enterprise.
and all that Jazz! Mr. Stinkhead gets in gear with the Transformer Alternators Meister, Smokescreen and Hound.
mmmmmmmmm meat Jager is on the hunt for the Bionic Sasquatch vinyl from Eye Witness
beer beer beer, fiddly beer beer beer Brutilus gets comfy with The Bard's Tale .
not as cute as our InvaderZimm Shocka checks out the Hot Topic Exclusive Invader Zim and GIR.
it's about damned time We name 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime the Toy of the Year with an overdue review and a truckload of pics.
hunka hunka burnin' squid Jager gets all shook up with the Elvis themed Cthulhu plush. Wha??
Merry Christmas, I hope you like crap Happy Holidays from the MPb Staff. We have a free desktop wallpaper for you to download today.
whooooo-wee Stinkhead proves he can stink over long distances with the Stink Blaster Blaster, stink gun.
lookit you... you're skin n' bones Lando shows us his pop culture themed Christmas Tree, including Star Wars, Trek, NBX, and LOTR.
People all over the world... join hands Lando sets up the LEGO train set around his tree... check out the scenery.
aaaaaaaargh Jager runs in fear from Black Beast of Argh for the Custom Xevoz Contest, and vote for your favorite.
it's the most wonderful time, of the year The MPb staff band together and offer their recommendations in the 2004 MPb Gift Guide. (stuff for kids, guys like us, non-collectors, and the ladies)
it's a truck! Mr. Stinkhead takes a ride on the Tom Toy Truck, handcrafted in Germany.
Congrats SockMonkey Congratulations to Sock Monkey for winning our Save the Xevoz custom contest. Check out all of the entries and voting results.
RIDE that pole... woo woo Lando reviews his other, more attractive, (and less hairy) Grail, Slave Leia Unleashed.
VR Suxor bub Lando reviews his recently attained Grail, Weapon X.
zoom zoom! Mr. Stinkhead goes nuts behind the "wheel" of the all terrain Terrain Twister from Tyco RC.
Remember that scene in 'Trading Places' Here's Thunder Shaman from the forthcoming Wave 4 Xevoz. Loads of pics
Boooooooooooooo! Jager hunts after Toy Vault's new plush Jabberwock.
Fixin' to be a lot better man... Loads of reviews! Star Trek: TOS Season 2, Ren & Stimpy , and you can even win the Dazed & Confused / Fast Times... twin pack.
Funny show lol Nakanari gives Mr. Stinkhead the chance to check out the B.B.Birdy figures from the Funny Club Show.
dah da da Up in the air, around the corner, it's the new Incredibles toys coming to McDonalds.
brains... Check out and enter the Save the Xevoz Custom Contest.
Rar rar rar rar We scoured the net to bring you these super sweet Xevoz customs.
Must take off shirt... too much blood Stinkhead drools and moans while reviewing the director's cut of Dawn of the Dead.
Who you callin' Chump; CHIMP Jager gets a look at Affonso and Hannibal from the Rocket World's I.W.G. vinyl line.
To the Batcave Robin! Mr. Stinkhead puts together the Minimate C3 Batcave.
Looooads of pics Mr. Stinkhead takes loads of pics of the third wave of Xevoz
2004 Ka-Pow-BQ is here
Dinosaurs? Robots? Sweet! Lando wages the ultimate battle between LEGO Dinosaur and Mecha Robot!!
Beeeeellllllchhhh Mr. Stinkhead and Lando made a video game, read about the making of Stinky Elevator here.
Atomic batteries to power Mr. Stinkhead puts together the large Batmobile C3 Minimate set.
Take me to your Jager Jager goes to another place, a happy place with StrangeCo's Mars-1 designer vinyl.
My pad Mr. Stinkhead shows off his toy collection
We are the knights...who say... NI! Lando delves into the new LEGO Knights Kingdom castle and ambush bridge.
use it man! Jager uses the noggin in the creative Gray Matter board game.
ow my head... thanks! Brutilus gets his head straight with his two page review of Painkiller.
zombies, samurai, robots, oh my! Lando wages the battle of all time, with the sweet new modifiable RPG Heroscape. Pit robots verses WWII soldiers...
Watch a porn WITH your parents OR STARRING your parents Stinkhead asks the impossible in this great new game Would You Rather..?.
I'm coming commissioner Stinkhead reviews the all new Kids' WB cartoon, The Batman, and looks at their killer press kit.
Jocks only think about sports... Jager gets in touch with his inner GeekMan.
I'm the best homepage icon there is Jager looks back at the Marvel Legends Wolverine and Colossus.
Welcome to our home among the clouds Lando gives us a tour of his toy room.
Alpha Team GO Lando shows us the LEGO Alpha Team castle, cruisers, and gliders.
Where does he get those wonderful toys? Mr. Stinkhead finds, possibly, the coolest C3 playset yet... the Joker's Chemical Warehouse
So be it...Jedi Mr. Stinkhead gets more Xevoz—Moon Stalker, Hemo Goblin, Shock Bezerker, Dune Stinger, Street Punk and Transcorcher...sweet!
where's Horseshack? Stinkhead gets engulfed with the Ladder 49 ultra-detailed/articulated figures from Plan B Toys.
all Barris baby. THE Batmobile Stinkhead drools over the 1966 Batmobile, and the Corgi and Johnny Lightening models.
not Barris, but alrightStinkhead gives the brand new Mattel Batmobile a test drive
wanna see my batpole?Lando spelunks the 42" Mattel Batcave from The Batman
biiiiig pennyJager explores the Batcave from Hot Wheels.
up in the air, junior birdmanStinkhead kicks off Bat-Week with a look at the C3 Batwing and Batglider (with Catwoman minimate).
V1 4GR aSkip interviews Ohio based band Love Drug.
kissed Ashley Judd though dudeLando reviews the new book from Wil Wheaton, Just a Geek.
picinic basket...nowJager stands up for bear arms everywhere with the new Titus vinyl toy.
I'm BatmanMr. Stinkhead looks at the new C3 building sets, aka DC Minimates.
some guyLando has the new Topps Clone Wars trading cards. Including some (clearly marked) Episode III spoilers.
bear or robot? How can this be?Jager explains what is up with the urban vinyl trend.
rawwwrrrrMr. Stinkhead goes mini and checks out the Lord of the Rings Minimates.
rarrrrMr. Stinkhead digs up the soon to be released Playmobil Dinosaur playset.
TARget human...zzzzzLando is on the scene with the LEGO World City Rescue Boat and HQ
some guyNaked Mirths looks at the new MegaMan action figures from Jazwares.
shreddinStinkhead attempts to sound cool with the Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam toys now available at McDonalds.
Nobody Cares BearsStinkhead got a handful of TOPPS' all new Wacky Packages
It's a hit on Riza 7Lando interviews Roger Nygard now that he's completed filming Trekkies 2 (exclusive review)
Charlie Brown, you block headJager gets a post victory chat with Kaiju Big Battel Champion Dr. Cube
Oh-ooooooooooooohhhhhNow you can win the Mr. Bill 3 DVD Box set. Simply get some Play-doh and make your own Mr. Bill-style death scene.
TST tst tst tst AH ah ah ahLando loses his head with the 15" Jason from Sideshow Toys.
nerd alertTate Blackmore looks at the humorous ways Expanded Star Wars material would dodge Episode III plot lines.
spin it babySkip Protection catches up with the new band The Bloody Lovelies.
guyver does guyverGuyver checks out the sweet, highly-articulated Guyver III action figure.
It's markings match those that blasted its way out of Mos EisleyLando installs the hyperdrive in the all new Millenium Falcon by LEGO.
I miss Zippo tricks dot comAgent Stinkhead spills his guts on the JB1 digital camera that looks like a Zippo lighter.
Doh-HO-HO-HO-HOMr. Stinkhead and Lando da Pimp visit the Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling. Lots of old nostalgia pics!
SWEET!Lando unearths the con exclusive Adventure Kermit.
Holy Major Undertaking!Step-by-step directions on how to build a light-up Batphone
grody to the maxMr. Stinkhead lays out the new Garbage Pail Kids (Series 2) cards and interactive web site.
SWEET!Make your own toy creation a reality with SubCultures Design's Create-A-Mate competition.
OMG Win big!Click to enter!
Grosser than girlsMr. Stinkhead gets his holiest of grails with the 1986 Dissect an Alien.
Where's her countdown?Lando builds LEGO's Hogwart's Castle from the third Harry Potter movie.
Game over man... game overStinkhead has fun with Mezco's Aliens MezIts, complete with Queen and Chestburster.
I pitty the foo!Jager corrupts young children with the very odd plush Friends With You.
no horses in this flickJager goes nuts with the 67 points of articulation in the 18" Spider-Man.
anything a spider canLando puts together the LEGO Doc Ock Hideout
SPOILERS are protected.
cut...duh...mullet!Jager takes a long and short look at the Mulletheads.
chicky chickyMr. Stinkhead puts an end to his MOTU collection and finally gets Roboto and Rattlor.
boogey boogeyMr. Stinkhead can't get over the impressive AOME Fell Beast's wingspan.
I tell you that thing is huuuugeLando puts together K*Nex's transforming new action figures, the Rekonstructors.
better late than neverTate reconsiders and gives Blur's album Think Tank a chance.
GodizrraJager reviews the new plush Godzilla and Rodan.
Where's the Bushwhackers?Lando looks at the men, nay legends inspiring the new WWE Classic Wrestlers.
RAWRRRRRJager checks out the Giant Size X-Men Minimates including Professor X and Magneto.
I tell you that thing is huuuugeMr. Stinkhead gets a handful with the Roto He-Man and Skeletor.
Bionicles with monicles?Lando takes a gander at LEGO's new line of Bionicles.
all aboard the, uh, tall busLando assembles the magic bus from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, from LEGO.
thank you ThingMr. Stinkhead gushes over the Marvel Minimates, series 4 & 5, including Dr. Doom, Thing and Dr. Octopus.
oh my!Lando reveals the oddity and beauty that is a Tijuana Bible
For Mature Audiences only
I'd give my left nut to see that againJager cuts to the chase with his review of the Edward Scissorhands Kubricks.
wonderfulMr. Stinkhead falls in love with Xevoz. You have to see all of these pics. Your wallet is about to go Atkins.
gloriousMPb's Toy Fair 2004 coverage is cataloged and ready for your consumption.
I tell yah... that thing is huuuugeGuyver builds the Mecha from Mega Bloks.
zoomin!Lando looks at the P-47 Razorbackfrom 21st Century Toys.
swingin!Mr. Stinkhead recaps the year since we launched. Yes, a bit long-winded, but full of links.
Renaissaince is nighThe SubCultures show opened on Friday. Click for the full story and pics.
Miracle?Mr. Stinkhead checks out the new LEGO Happy Meal™ toys from McDonalds.
run awayJager recommends the Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth (from Holy Grail) as a good Valentine's Day present.
that is a massive zit!Series 2 of the Kubrick Alien figures are out, including a sweet chest burster.
click here to win Two people can win a copy of the new Kaiju Big Battel book, A Practical Guide to City-Crushing Monsters by entering our new contest
happy sun MPb Exclusive: Proof that the Janet Jackson slip up was no accident. Check out these pics.
Immature subject matter
Damn girl Lando looks at the very special comic book where Lois Lane spends 24 hours as an African American.
Say my name! Bastian please! Guest writer Josh sits down with up and coming rock band Atreyu.
Piiigs Innnn Spaaaaaaaaace Join the Pigs In Space as they attempt to fix the Mars Rover.
Princess The Princess of Power reviews Tremors 4, the latest in her favorite movie series. Contest too!
Obey Jager gets a super secret sneak peak at the upcoming Kaiju Big Battel Book A Practical Guide to City Crushing Monsters.
Mmmmm-HMMM!Brutilus takes a nice loooong look at the Scarlett G.I. Joe® mini-bust from Palisades Toys. He also looks at Snake Eyes.
Read-ItMr. Stinkhead plays the movie trivia game on DVD, Scene-It. As for his review, Read-It.
That's not true! That's impossible!Lando recreates his favorite moments of despair from ESB with the Lego Cloud City play set.
Allllllll by myselfBrutilus reviews Shadows of Undrentide, an expansion for the popular PC game Neverwinter Nights.
Mr. is proud to announce their Toy of the Year: Stikfas Mechana.
ow, my headJager defends the art of reading comics as he defines a Comic Book's Soul.
what the hell is a gigawatt?Brutilus talks with the beautiful and talented J-pop star Kristine Sa.
what the hell is a gigawatt?Mr. Stinkhead cruises around with the die-cast Back to the Future DeLoreans from Welly.
yes, she does checkLando and the wife, BFFER show you some of the sweeter Hallmark ornaments available this year.
looks like Michael Jackson's mug shotMr. Stinkhead gives you an early rundown on BMA Toy's Maximo: Army of Zin figures, including the Mid-Ohio-Comic-Con-Exclusive helmet Maximo.
Ho Ho HOMPb 2003 Gift Guide: perfect for buying something to get her to notice you, and what to put on your list.
PG-13 humor
In Space No one can read your alt tagsMr. Stinkhead compares the Aliens in both Mez-Its and Kubrick form to help you decide which is the best set to get.
My sword is bigger than yoursGuest writer J-Sun shows us how to make a custom Battle Fist Sword for your MOTU Fisto figure.
Fly, yes; land, noLando looks at 21st Century Toys model plane P51-D Mustang.
I'm a dickGuest writer IamSancho covers the Kaiju Big Battel Brooklyn Double Danger.
Hang on, lemme get the phoneWe provide a safe for work interpretation of the Paris Hilton sex tapes with our PlayDoll of the Month.
Green LanternJager, Mr. Stinkhead and Tuxxer give you valuable Convention Tips. Jager's wife even shares her first time.
Creepy GhostsWe take a look at the scary Happy Meal™ Toys for Disney's new movie Haunted Mansion.
Gross!Mr. Stinkhead gets creepy with Tim Burton's Tragic Toys for Boys and Girls.
Gross!We all take a look at the newly released Garbage Pail Kids, sharing memories, good times, maybe a tear or two.
viva la cuba!Jager and IamSancho make their predictions on the upcoming Kaiju Big Battel Brooklyn Double Danger.
bork bork borkR Hunter bums around with Swedish über-group The Sounds. You will be hearing about this group soon.
doh ho ho hoAfter reading the review of Statler & Waldorf take them for a spin on the web, and see what they have to say with the Statler & Waldorf Insult-O-Matic.
chickyGuest contributor SpyMagician gives us a healthy update to the Mini-Figure Compendium, including the Smallest Transformers.
oooooooooooooh Tate digs deep into his past to figure out what the hell this scary knight is...
Which flo? R Hunter sits down and talks to the band Death Cab for Cutie.
What's your sign? We continue with the MOTU theme and review the Snakemen Heroes. He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Mekanek, Stratos, Battle Fist, and Zodak
Asps, very dangerous, you go first We look at the new Masters of the Universe Snakemen. Khan, Skeletor, King Hiss, and Two Bad
You're pulling my leg Mr. Stinkhead goes to town on the Mad Lab Monster Surgery Game. Pull his pieces for fun.
Handcuffs are sexy Jail frightens me. Inmate Ed Wolf writes in again, telling us some things we can do to prepare for prison life.
Aye. Mr. Stinkhead reveals his collection of Creepy, Slimey, Weird toys for Halloween.
I want a warthogR Hunter looks at two gems from Joy Ride Studios, Halo's Master Chief and the Mechwarrior Legionnaire.
he's so widdleWe review the Terebi Sento DVD, attend the screening in Boston, and talk to Dr. Cube again, on our new all-inclusive Kaiju Big Battel page.
Der Wolf, Der CastleMr. Stinkhead looks at Stretch Screamers Happy Meal™ toys now at McDonalds.
place insulator hereVH1 ILLustrated premiered on VH1. We talk to animator Matt Sutter
Double downLando gets in the trenches with 21st Century Toys' Ultimate Soldier 32X
Double downTate heads to Las Vegas to see if the City of Sin can make a man out of a dork.
You're the Doc, Doc.Back to the Future Kubricks. You have to use your hands?
Hellooooo NurseOur first female writer, I Heart Cake, is here, and she's going to tell us the Make-Out Music Must Haves
KaijuTwo chances to win the new 60 minute Kaiju Big Battel DVD, sweet!
KanichiwaBrutilus plays around with Bandai's new collectible dice game Jagun Fighters
Biggest one in 4 countiesLando catches up with the man, Wil Wheaton.
[See also: Top 10 Wesley Crusher Episodes | Book Review]
Time to scoreTate talks to professional video game tester Jen Johnson. Sweet.
Time to scoreYou're in college and looking to make it big with the ladies? Let's fix up your dorm room.
Immature readers only.
HULK SMASHWe've got a bunch of Mini-Mates to give away. Come and check out our Marvel Mini-Mates contest.
sports? que?!!Brutilus takes a swing at Inning-A-Minute Baseball
in da HK hizzyR Hunter checks out HK Vinyl toy artist Casey Lau and his Deviants.
short and stoutOur coverage of Wave II of the LOTR Armies of Middle Earth is now complete with Uruk-Hai, Merry & Pippin, Warg Rider, Ringwraith and more.
Um gum sheboyLando puts together K'Nex's 3ft rollercoaster, the Screamin' Serpent.
HOORAYYour prayers have been answered. Gooey Louie is back. And now he talks.
get outta the fast laneMr. Conklin interviews Miami band Sunday Driver. You can also win their latest release.
OHHHHHHH TAINTED LOVEWe test out the iKTV Karaoke Machine. End drunken embarassment by practicing first in your own home.
Hulk hands to drink beerGrills, Girls, and Games: MPb's first summer BBQ. Yes she's drinking with Hulk Hands on.
can't get enough of itR Hunter gets the lowdown on women, expressing yourself, and livin' large with Star Wars remixer SuperGenius aka Suckadelic.
noooooobody knows...We talk to prison inmate Ed Wolf about how they play Role Playing Games in jail.
rowwwrrrrWe hit Otakon, SDCC, and DukesFest, come see all of our coverage of the babes, the toys, the cars flipping over.
Grrrr Hulk SmallJager looks at the Electronic Hulk Hands and shows you all kinds of things you can do with em when you're done smashin' and rarrrghin'.
Grrrr Hulk SmallGuest writer PipeStem details his descent into madness, complete HeroClix obsession.
snottie beamed me twice last nightLando and R Hunter look at Art Asylum's Star Trek figures based on the classic series.
rowwwwrrrrWe're giving away the making-of Anna Kournikova's calendar DVD. We also have pics. Go on, the toys will be here when you come back.
No and-then!Guyver shows us step-by-step how to customize your own Jitsu figure.
7 of 9 InchesLando talks with Trekkies director Roger Nygard about Trekkies II being filmed now.
GrrrrrrrWe look at the new Castle Grayskull and help you choose which one is right for you.
BlechhhMutant Slime Pit review with loads of pics and video clips.
You need more estrogen in your dietIn an effort to make your dating life easier, we look at Toys Girls Collect and a chance to win a Care Bear Castle.
Where in the World is Carmen?Mr. Stinkhead gets dimensional and examines the McDonalds Spy Kids 3-D Happy Meal toys.
Grrrr-arghMr. Stinkhead looks at some of the LOTR Armies of Middle Earth: Wave 1 figures from Play Along Toys.
There it isLando smokes the AVO Robusto cigar. Check out how you can get a sample too.
SPY MUSEUMHijinks ensue when Mr. Stinkhead goes deep undercover to check out the International Spy Museum in DC.
Marvel's Super manJager and Mr. Stinkhead chat with Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada
Vin?R Hunter takes a look at the new Major Powers figures from Playskool.
enter and winOur LOTR Armies of Middle Earth Custom Contest has begun. Win the Weathertop 8 pack and the Twilight Frodo 3 pack.
wtf dudeR Hunter and Mr. Stinkhead look at the new collectible Tech Deck figures. They're pretty twisted and now feature articulation.
sweet goodnessMr. Stinkhead looks at the new Playmobil bank robbers and revists his collection of the sweetest collectible on earth.
crooooooowLando interviews Mystery Science Theater 3000 host and writer Mike Nelson.
wanna see my 13 incher?SMASHING HULK COVERAGE: Interview with writer Bruce Jones, review of video game, some comics, the movie, and congrats to Heli.
the big CHEESETate and Lando offer their point-counter point reviews on Radiohead and Metallica albums.
the big CHEESEWe interview Wizard big cheese Gareb Shamus
it so easyThree separate drawings to win 28 Days Later swag, or a bundle of games or Batman #612 autographed by Jim Lee. Enter now!
RC crazinessWe check out the sweet X-Trek micro R/C racers and track. 500 pieces of pure joy.
Not dead yetLando Le' Pimp and Mr. Stinkhead see John Williams conduct the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
Around the RoseyKaiju Big Battel consists of giant monsters destroying cities. We cover the latest live event. You have to see this.
Around the RoseyWe take a look at the Ring Wraith from Play Along Toys. Tons of juicy photos.
Where are you?Jager interviews fan favorite inker Bob Almond.
Where are you?We take a look at the Finding Nemo Happy Meal™ toys from McDonalds.
DaggerJager interviews up and coming comics writer Danny Donovan
Al!ActionFigureXpress sent over their Bullet Dodge Neo and Battle Damaged Enterprise exclusives.
grrr-arghMore exclusive Play Along Toys' LOTR pics from R Hunter, including the Balrog.
double down on 11Jager interviews Jamal Igle on what started his career and whether he believes comics are a form of literature.
that's a baby's gameTate Blackmore catalogs Back to the Future collectibles.
more stuff!We listen to Chuck Barris' new CD Confessions of a Dangerous Singer. You can also win a free copy, click here
no, not the beer...Brutilus interviews the minds behind popular game-makers, Looney Labs.
no kitty hereJager interviews Wolverine artist Darick Robertson about past works, upcoming projects, and his version of Wolverine.
preciousExclusive pics of Play Along Toys' Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
double cheese pleaseWe take a look at all 8 McDonald's Masters of the Universe Happy Meal™ toys.
dirty placeLando Da Pimp introduces PlayDoll of the Month. For immature audiences please.
Free Comic Book Day is Saturday Jager explains what you're gonna get.
Come with usFinally hitting clearance, we take the gamble on the MegaBloks Alien Agency series.
PeteThe Guyver shows us how he made his own custom MOTU MossMan.
It Gets WetWe take a look at the Boom Boom Multi-Box, which lets you listen to music in the shower.
It's Raining Ring WraithsR Hunter shows us how he built the advertising backdrop for the LOTR Weathertop action figure set.
VERY Special ForcesMr. Stinkhead's big haul from Big Lots, you gotta see the Very Special Forces.

Duck and coverWe show you how to make your fallout shelter cool and swingin like Saddam Hussein's
do itJager gives us the scoop on Marvel's new reader-created line Epic
Duck and coverThe new Greeting Cards section is active, including You Finally Got Laid, and Thank God You're Not Pregnant
toot tootBrutilus plays TransAmerica to kick off our new Gaming section.
ArrrrrrR Hunter nabbed us some exclusive pics of the LOTR Helms Deep playset from Play Along Toys
Pick a winnerWe play with Gooey Louie the classic nose-picking game of skill.
Ilove you!Mr. Stinkhead researched space monkeys and brings you both their history and a slew of toys
Yeah, shay!Remember Fighting crime in a future time with C.O.P.S.? R Hunter does.
Scarlet or MJ?GI Joe was a big part of our childhood, Jager digs up the collection for some cool pics.
Help me dr. zaiusThe Mini Figures are hot and plentiful, and R Hunter looks at most of them.
Scooch to the edge of the table please.Dr. Stinkhead shows us how to Work Out While Toy Shopping
enter the fist!Art Asylum's Mini-Mates™ Bruce Lee gets into a fight. You gotta see these pics.
Eat my ass DiCaprioThe Ninja Turtles are back with new styling and a new cartoon. Check out our pics and review. We even have comparison shots with the original figures.
So's your mommaOur first feature, Lookin Good, which shows you how to improve your profile picture when attempting online dating.
Blast you He-ManNew Masters of the Universe line may possibly be the best action figures ever sold
Pictures and review of Skeletor, Panthor, TrapJaw, and Man At Arms
There's someTHING on the wingSideshow Toy's Twilight Zone :Nightmare at 20,000 Feet Gremlin. There's ssssomething on the wing!

RowwwrrrrPrint out Zula the Hula Girl™ assemble, and she will really dance on your desk.
I gotta turtle head poking outFarting Fat Bastard Plush from Austin Powers: Goldmember

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