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Welcome to, the online pop culture magazine. We update three days a week with all original content.

We primarily feature toy reviews and our Entertainment section has reviews of movies, books, CDs, and video games. The Lifestyle department has helpful tips for the online socialite.

We feature contests several times a month.

Drop us a line if there's anything we can help you find. And swing by our message board to chat with other like-minded collectors.

We recently launched a video podcast, which you can watch here, or download through iTunes.

Listed below are some of our favorite articles, but you can find all of our articles listed chronologically on the features page.

Our Favorite Features

watch mahna mahna Podcast Episode 8: Mr. Stinkhead interviews Vince DiFiore from the band CAKE, and animated the whole thing with playmobil. Includes CAKE's covers of Mahna Mahna and War Pigs
Slowskis? Jager comes out of his shell to test Jeremy Fish's Turtlecamper
ooh la la Mr. Stinkhead gets back from France: Land of Fine Wine and Hot Women, and even has some toy-hunting tips.
Contains some language and mild nudity
it's about damned time We believe 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime is possibly one of the best action figures ever.
Holy Major Undertaking!

Step-by-step directions on how to build a working, light-up Batphone

Damn girl

Lando looks at the very special comic book where Lois Lane spends 24 hours as an African American.

Piiigs Innnn Spaaaaaaaaace

Join the Pigs In Space as they attempt to fix the Mars Rover.
(photo-story by Mr. Stinkhead)


Mr. Stinkhead and Lando da Pimp visit the Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling. Lots of old nostalgia pics!

bear or robot? How can this be?

Jager explains what is up with the urban vinyl trend.

nerd alert

Tate Blackmore looks at the humorous ways Expanded Star Wars material would dodge Episode III plot lines.

Houston... we have a vinyl problem

Jager examines the mysterious Mars-1 vinyl toy from Strangeco.

2004 Ka-Pow-BQ is here
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