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Medicom Toy's Alien Kubricks Series 2
by Mr. Stinkhead

Click to see!Medicom Toy wowed us with their first round of Kubrick figures based on the 1979 Alien film. They start rounding out the characters and creatures in this new batch, including Dallas and Lambert (aka screaming chick... wait, you can't hear her scream...) in colored away suits. You get Kane in a similar away suit, but with a face hugger firmly attached to the bubble, Ripley in her "flight" suit, with a kitty carrier box for Jonesy. Rounding out the set is the Chestburster that comes with two Alien eggs.

The first thing I noticed about Dallas, Lambert, and Kane was that their suits were different colors. Though not movie-accurate, it is better than three figures with only differing faces. And being Kubrick faces aren't sculpted, you would probably feel ripped off. The helmets are clear, and they do come off. The face hugger does not come off of Kane's helmet, so don't try. You all know what happens when you try to remove a face hugger. The suits are insanely sculpted to the tiniest detail. Though the base sculpt is that of the Ripley in Nostromo suit from the first series of Kubricks, they have added the head lamp and a bit of gear to the chest piece. As far as their likeness goes, it's pretty good. It's a clear "Kubrick-ized" version of the actors, though people that haven't seen the movies probably wouldn't recognize them.

Click to see! Ripley is looking as tough, and as street as usual. This time we get her hair, and what's this? Boobs? To my knowledge, most female Kubricks merely had a printed on bust line, but otherwise were flatter than an Olympic gymnast. I haven't seen every single Japanese-exclusive Kubrick ever made, but this is the first sculpted bust I've seen on a Kubrick. I love the travel-carrier. Sadly, there is no mini-Jonesy to fit inside, but I was beyond impressed when they even incorporated a clear piece of plastic for part of the 1 X 0.5" box. Ok, the only complaint about the line here is that this Ripley should have come with a large gun. I sooo wanted to pose her leaning against a wall, big honkin gun poised at the ready, kitty-box by her feet, but the good things about Kubricks is that they're compatible with every other set they've made, so you can grab a big gun from any of the other Kubrick sets, especially the Special Forces.

Click to see!The Chestburster blew me away. First off, the sculpt and blood-smattered paint job is dead-on. It looks like it's straight from the movie. The kicker? He's got a Kubrick-sized removeable head. That's right, his assembly lets you swap heads with other Kubricks. Brilliant! I've always found it funny to have a little horrible alien head peaking out of a big bulky space suit. But I think deep down, we all see this image in our heads as we try and fail, to fall asleep.

Click to see!The little Alien eggs he comes with are also very impressive. The base plastic is translucent, and has an incredibly detailed sculpt. The paint job correctly mimicks those little pods of horror from the film. I kind of wish one of them was open, but for being only slightly wider than a dime at the widest part, their accuracy is eerie.

Click to see!Ok, the other best part of the Chestburster is his size. Though a little too big for other Kubricks, he is in great scale to large-sized action figures. Remember when Rudy drank the contaminate water on Allstar Survior the other week? Look what happens. OH NO! (click for pic)

Overall this set is pretty sweet. Just like the first series, if you like Kubricks, you'll dig this set. If you like the Alien films, you'll like this set. If you like both, you'll love this set. Wait! I have to tell you that the set is blindy packed, meaning each one comes in a box, so you don't know who you're getting when you buy them. Click to see!Medicom, not to be confused with Medifast, likes to be sneaky and put in am ultra-rare figure that has a ratio of about one for every two cases. In this assortment, the impossible-to-find character is Kane with a Chestburster popping out. If this is not the sweetest Kubrick in all of mankind... I would trade my mint Alien Quadrilogy for one of these puppies, but with after-market prices, it's almost going to be more expensive for the one Kubrick.

We've seen pics of the power-loader and Alien Queen floating around, so stay tuned to MPb, for when we get these, you'll be the first to know.

Thanks to the kind folks for sending us this set to review. They have this set available, and many, many other Kubrick and Japanese import toys. They also stock a lot of hard-to-find and rare collectables as well.

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