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Click to see! Medicom Toy's 400% Kubricks
Stormtrooper Han Solo and Batman
by Mr. Stinkhead

The folks at sent us a couple of the 400% sized Kubricks. I've been a fan of the larger-than-LEGO, smaller-than-playmobil Kubricks for some time, and I have been quite happy with their recent and on-going license acquisitions. Being a big time playmobil collector, I thought I knew cute, and what was an acceptable level of cuteness for a dude to appreciate. Then I started collecting Kubricks, and found that the Japanese can always bring something new to the table. At first I thought the 400% sized Kubricks would defeat the point and kill the overall cuteness factor of the figure. But I was wrong. At 8" tall, these big little guys still have that guy-acceptable cute-factor.

Click to see!They're not as heavy as they should be, they are cast out of a slightly lighter plastic, and hollow. I love the attention to detail, and the ratcheting joints, you don't quite get the effect of the ball joints that the traditional kubricks have, but I really like this ratcheting feature that's been added.

I also like the fact that, well with these two figures in particular, that they didn't go the cheapskate route and enlarge a figure with minimal extra sculpts. Both the Stormtrooper and Batman require some very specific accessories. Han's hair/ears are removable so you can slide on the trooper helmet, and Batman's cape is especially nice.

Click to see!One thing I thought of when initially handling these figures was that in regards to the ratcheted joints (which I'll consider a behind-the-scenes change) they didn't take any overt design liberties to accomodate the larger size. Batman's utitility belt could feature real compartments at that size. Han's helmet could feature more detail in the armor. But they really stuck with, this is exactly what you'd get if you could grow Kubricks to 4X their size. I agree with it now.

Click to see!The Batman is particularly nice, and makes a great addition to any Kubrick or Batman collector. At $50 it is a little steep for a non-vintage Batman collectable, but it's worth it. It'll look handsome in your Batman collection. Now, at $100, the Stormtrooper may be to steep to consider. However, this figure was released in the designer vinyl vein, and is produced in lower numbers. This figure will look great either in your Star Wars, Kubrick, or vinyl art collection. This Han looks smashing either with the helmet on, or the Han face exposed. I particularly like that in my case (where my Batman shelf is full and my Star Wars figures are in storage) the trooper fits perfectly in a pop-culture medly. He currently resides on my Playmobil space shelf with the 1980's playmo astronauts.

Click to see!I don't typically venture in the high-end collectable market. Part of the allure to me is the amount of joy/pride I got from spending under $20. But in this case, these figures are both really handsome. And once you're actually touching them, you'll forget how much you spent.

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And an extended thanks to, whose prices and customer service are the best you can find.

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