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Xevoz and Stikfas

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Walk like a.... crap Mr. Stinkhead puts together the Stikfas Explorer, Egyptian and Army Multi-pack
Immigrant song Mr. Stinkhead builds the Stikfas Viking, dinosaurs, and dune buggy.
I'm Spartacus! Mr. Stinkhead builds the Gladiator and Biker from Stikfas. This review smells great!
MISSSSter Anderson Mr. Stinkhead scopes the Stikfas Astronaut, Spectre, and Pirate & Skeleton.
She was like a pirate's dream... Mr. Stinkhead goes down deep and finds the Stikfas Diver and Octopus.
fire... BADStinkhead experiences the end of another era and gets the remaining Xevoz from Wave 4.
dun dun duhhhhhhhh Mr. Stinkhead hijacks the Hall of Justice to put together the Super Hero/Villain sets from Stikfas.
You can view the entries to win the Wave 4 Two-Pack in our Xevoz Protest gallery.
puffStinkhead has Runeslayer vs Firedrake, the Xevoz Wave 4 2-pack, and we're giving away a set!
custom goodness Check out all of the entries for the Custom Xevoz Contest, and vote for your favorite.
Remember that scene in 'Trading Places' Here's Thunder Shaman from the forthcoming Wave 4. Loads of pics
brains... Check out and enter the Save the Xevoz Custom Contest.
Rar rar rar rar Check out this gallery of super-sweet Custom Xevoz.
I want my mummy Mr. Stinkhead reviews Wave 3
So be it... Jedi Mr. Stinkhead dissects Wave 2
I squish your headMr. Stinkhead falls in love with Wave 1 Xevoz. You have to see all of these pics. Your wallet is about to go Atkins.
booga boogaTo understand where Xevoz came from, check out the Stikfas Mechana.

Handy Xevoz Buying Guide

Wave 1 - Click name for review
Skull Jack(Skeleton) -Buy from Amazon
Inferno Fury(Fire guy) -Buy from Amazon
Sledge Trooper(Robot) -Buy from Amazon
Razor Claw(Panther) -Buy from Amazon
Shadow Blade vs. Bone Cutter(Ninja vs Bug) -Buy from Amazon
Alpha Ranger(Soldier) -Buy from Amazon
Grim Skull (Value Pack)(Black skeleton) -Buy from Amazon
Omega Guard (Value Pack)(Orange soldier) -Buy from Amazon
Wave 2
Shock Bezerker(Lightening)
Dune Stinger(Bug)
Hemo Goblin vs Moon Stalker(Vampire vs Hemo Goblin) -Buy from Amazon
Sky Grinder(Flying surfer) -Buy from Amazon
Wave 3 - click for review
Storm Wing(Eagle)
Quick Slinger(Cowboy)
Crypt Curse(Mummy) -Buy from Amazon
Cryo Katana vs Preda Crawler(Iceman vs Robot) -Buy from Amazon
Transcorcher and Street Punk(Motorcycle/Robot) -Buy from Amazon
Tomb Wraith(Winged skeleton)
Shield Breaker(Soldier)
Iron Spectre(with carrying case) -Buy from Amazon
Wave 4 - click for review
Thunder Shaman(Gorilla)
Frankenpunker(Frankenstein rocker)
Hyper Guardian(Super Hero)
Runeslayer vs Firedrake(Knight vs dragon)

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